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What's Apprenticeship?

How Can I Become An Apprentice?

Each of the types of machining jobs share common skills and knowledge. Each also has other skills and knowledge which are specific to that particular work area. Because of the differences, each job is associated with a different apprenticeship program. Our Machine Tool Technology program will provide participants with training to meet the basic requirements for becoming an apprentice in any of these and other areas in the machining industry. However, the following requirements are customary for individuals applying to be accepted into our training program and to be accepted into any apprenticeship program certified by the U.S. Department of Labor:

  • Minimum age 16 to participate, must be 18 prior to being indentured*
  • Valid state/federal issued ID
  • Drug free
  • High School diploma, GED, or equivalent

*VBA’s minimum age to participate in training is 16 years. Participants must be 18 to be accepted into DOL certified apprenticeship programs.

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What Do Drone Pilots Do?

The U.S.Department of Labor predicts 100,000 additional Drone Pilot, UAV jobs will flood the market within the next few years. From aerial photography and cinematography in the extreme sports (or outdoor film industry) to mapping and modeling, aero-farming, or aerial thermography.

The drone job market is opening up for UAV operators, pilots, and engineers at all levels of employment experience.

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Machine Tool Technology

What Do Machining Workers Do?

There are various areas where you will find machining workers. However, this program will provide training to develop skills best described by the type of work for each of the following specialty areas:

  • Machine Shop Set-Up Technician/Operators
  • CNC Horizontal Turning Machine Set-Up Operator
  • Machinists Sets-Up Operator

Horticultural Technology

What Do Horticulturalist Do?

New tree care jobs, arboriculture jobs, floral jobs, landscaping jobs, nursery jobs,greenhouse jobs, botanical garden jobs, irrigation jobs, estate gardener jobs, and more are slated on the raise. Prepare to turn a talent into a career. 

Construction Engineers

What Do Construction Engineers Do?

Construction Engineering Technology is a great discipline for individuals who want to solve practical problems and help create the infrastructure of the future. Construction engineering technologists manage and supervise the conversion of engineering and architectural plans from ideas to reality. A successful construction engineering technologist understands infrastructure life cycles, solves technical challenges, has a strong grasp of math and science, and communicates creative solutions to teams.